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History of Support

Beginning in 2008, Fairewinds Energy Education began using the small grants and donations it received to conduct nuclear power plant safety assessments. Current donations are used to fund Fairewinds' videos regarding the tragic four-reactor nuclear power accident at Fukushima-Daiichi and to fulfill Fairewinds' educational work to demystify nuclear power. Fairewinds' goal is to educate people throughout the world about nuclear power safety and reliability concerns by making this information publicly available via reports, videos, and educational presentations.

Fairewinds Energy Education will continue applying our crew's experience as professional educators to eliminate jargon, clarify nuclear industry buzz-words and create analysis that is thorough and easy to understand. Physicists, nuclear engineers, environmental engineers, geologists, health-physics personnel, radiation monitoring experts, nuclear attorneys, and medical doctors are currently working with us to get the most up-to-date information. Fairewinds will feature the work of others via video or side-bar information in order to serve as an ongoing nuclear power sourcebook and when possible as a clearing house for your questions. Thank you for visiting our website and supporting Fairewinds Energy Education's work with your donation.