What if ... a Vermont nuke melted down?

Close Your Eyes Hold Hands

 Master storyteller Chris Bohjalian turned to Arnie & Maggie Gundersen of Fairewinds for technical advice on nuclear reactor operations and accidents for his latest novel, "Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands." Here's one review:

"After introducing this big what-if premise, Bohjalian (whose many novels include the Oprah favorites "Midwives" and "The Sandcastle Girls") writes about the nuclear aftermath in a scrupulously realistic way. He doesn't blow the slightest apocalyptic or dystopian wind on those fuel rods. It's nonetheless a scary scenario, the frightening flip side of every Homer Simpson mishap that millions of us have laughed at."

and from a review in the Washington Post:

“Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands,” Chris Boh­jalian’s terrific new novel, could serve as a master class on how to write the thinking reader’s bestseller…..

“A nuclear meltdown changes people,” Emily muses early in the novel, “and I don’t mean radiation sickness or ‘Twilight Zone’ kinds of mutations in babies.” The triumph of Bohjalian’s novel is that it changes people, too: It’s hard to believe anyone could read this book and not have their worldview irrevocably shaken, much as Emily’s is.

Chris said on our Facebook post, "Arnie and Maggie are rock stars! I learned SO much from them. I am SO grateful to them for all that they and Fairewinds Energy Education do."


"Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands" goes on sale July 8. It is available in many formats via links on his website, www.ChrisBohjalian.com/close-your-eyes-hold-hands , on Amazon.com, or find it at a local independent bookstore near you through Indie Bound here.