Three Mile Island Reports and Media Releases





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Reporting Of Information Concerning The Accident At Three Mile Island

Written in 1981 by noted scientist Dr. Henry Meyers for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs. Well before the world took notice, Dr. Meyers saw how the NRC and the nuclear industry were covering up TMI and wrote about this collusion between the two parties in his Congressional testimony. 

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Expert Witness Report: Three Mile Island Litigation For Hepford, Swartz, and Morgan- Representing Plaintiffs

Download the PDF to read Arnie's expert witness report from the 1996 Three Mile Island Litigation. 

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Three Mile Island Containment Leakage Court Filing

Download the PDF to read Arnie's Memo to Lee Swartz concerning the post-accident containment leak.


NRC's Gross Underestimation of The Radioactive Releases And Population Doses During The TMI-2 Accident

Download the PDF to the report by Seo Takeshi of the Kyoto University Nuclear Reactor Laboratory which concludes the NRC underestimated the amount of radiation TMI released

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1996 Arnie Gundersen Email showing NRC downplayed TMI

Download the PDF to an email by Arnie Gundersen in which he discusses how the NRC misinterpreted the radiation data from TMI.


Indication of Core Damage During the TMI Disaster

Download the PDF to a report by Edward G. Abott discussing the different indications of extreme damage to the core of reactor 2 at TMI

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Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards 1981

Download the PDF to this NRC report which clearly state's that state and federal officials did not receive meaningful information on TMI's status during the days of the meltdown. 



The Whistleblower: Arnold Gundersen of Goshen

By Katherine Boughton

The Litchfield County Times, December 10, 1999

Ten years ago, Arnold Gundersen of Goshen was a senior vice president with Danbury-based Nuclear Energy Services, a card-carrying member of the nuclear industry. Since then, he has become a dedicated whistleblower, taking on the industry that once supplied him in his family with a comfortable lifestyle and a bright future.

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