Board of Directors

Maggie Gundersen

Maggie Gundersen founded Fairewinds Energy Education, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, in 2008. Its mission has remained to educate the public about nuclear power production, engineering, reliability, and safety issues. Maggie also founded Fairewinds Associates, Inc, a paralegal and expert witness services firm in 2003. She has a history as well expertise within the nuclear power industry. Maggie began her career with a position in Combustion Engineering’s reload core design group, after which she was the public information specialist at a proposed nuclear power plant site in upstate New York. During her last position with the nuclear power industry Maggie, an executive recruiter, placed the vice president of operations with the American Nuclear Insurers.

Arnie Gundersen

Arnie Gundersen has more than 40-years of nuclear power engineering experience. He attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) where he earned his Bachelor Degree cum laude while also becoming the recipient of a prestigious Atomic Energy Commission Fellowship for his Master Degree in nuclear engineering. Arnie holds a nuclear safety patent, was a licensed reactor operator, and is a former nuclear industry senior vice president. During his nuclear power industry career, Arnie also managed and coordinated projects at 70-nuclear power plants in the US.

Chiho Kaneko

Chiho Kaneko was born and raised in Iwate, Japan, one of the northern prefectures hit hardest by the earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011. After graduating from Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Chiho has spent most of her life in the United States, while maintaining a solid tie with her native land. She is a visual artist, journalist, and musician.

Robert Manning

Father, grandfather, teacher, and active community leader, Fairewinds Energy Education is grateful to have Robert Manning as a member of its Board of Directors.

A fifth generation Californian, Robert Manning served twenty-eight years as a California firefighter, of which the last fifteen were as Fire Captain. Throughout his career, Robert was also an active member of the International Association of Firefighters, including time as an executive board member for the Association.  During his Disaster Management Career, he created and taught two courses: Fire Prevention, and Emergency Medical Technician training at Los Medanos College in Pittsburgh, CA and also served as a Fire Inspector and Recruit Trainer.

Robert is a lifetime member of Veterans for Peace engaging in anti-war activism since the first Gulf War in 1991 and worked with Dr. Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers), and the Sonoma County Peace and Justice Center during the war in Iraq.  Since the 1960s when atmospheric nuclear weapons testing began, Robert has worked with well-known personalities such as:  Dr. Helen Caldicott, the real Dr. Patch Adams, and Wavy Gravy.  Additionally, as an active member of The Unity Foundation for twelve years, Robert assisted in creating events that promoted peace, nonviolence, and understanding of different cultures. 

Thomas Pound

Thomas Pound is a wearer of many hats.  A graduate of the University of Alabama, Thomas is currently fulfilling his life calling as an educator in Southwest Florida. With a passion for teaching teenagers about the world of finance, Thomas returned to education with first hand knowledge of running his own successful business.

 A native of Alabama, Thomas first became acquainted with Arnie and Maggie Gundersen when he was consulting in Vermont. Using his background in communication, mathematics, and finance to study the fiscal health of the nuclear energy sector, Thomas uncovered an ailing nuclear industry with many of its corporations and uranium companies at risk for outright bankruptcy.  

 Thomas and his family experienced the negative effects of the nuclear industry first hand when Thomas lost an uncle prematurely to liver cancer, which was the effect of working in Australia’s uranium mines. Since their first meeting, Thomas developed a personal friendship with Arnie and Maggie, and believes in the work and mission they have created for Fairewinds Energy Education.  

 Thomas brings his financial expertise to Fairewinds’ board, and has the mathematical and financial background to understand the research that Maggie and Arnie share with the world.

The Crew

Caroline Aronson (Phillips)

Program Administrator

With a passion for the humanities, it makes sense that Caroline’s favorite animals are humans. From Asia, to South America, a stretch in France, and some considerable time in Canada, Caroline has consistently been drawn to learning not just about a people’s culture, but also their day to day life. While studying English and philosophy at the University of Vermont, Caroline first learned about nuclear risk while working with Greenpeace as a media intern in their campaign to shut down Vermont Yankee. Her background in non-profit work, beginning in high school with the Piedmont Opera Co. of Winston Salem, NC, has made Caroline savvy to the importance and power of working towards the greater good. Caroline is a talented writer who is excited to use her skills to provide undistorted nuclear education to the public as the administrator for Fairewinds Energy Education. 

David Link

Consultant/Media Producer

From the time he could push a button, Dave’s interest in computers has nurtured his unrivaled skills in the tech support industry with an expertise in Apple products that compelled Dave to start his own Mac support company following graduation from the University of Vermont (UVM).  As a consultant to Fairewinds Energy Education, Dave first became associated with Fairewinds as master and commander of Fairewinds’ fleet of Apple-ware.  A communications major at UVM, Dave is now using his expertise in film as Fairewinds’ media producer.  Offhandedly the most skilled light saber fighter in Chittenden County, Dave has eclectic pursuits that also include photography, snowboarding, and slow cooking.

Sue Prent


Sue Prent is a writer/artist who lives with her sculptor husband in St. Albans, where they own and operate Pink House Studios, a fine art molding and casting business specializing in life-molding and education. A grassroots environmental activist, she has served as the spokesperson for the Northwest Citizens for Responsible Growth who advocate for environmentally responsible resource use and development in Franklin County, and currently serves on the board of Vermont Conservation Voters. She is also a Front Page contributor to Green Mountain Daily where she covers a range of environmental, social and political topics from a progressive vantage point. Sue shares her research and writing skills with the Fairewinds’ crew demystifying nuclear power as a researcher and blogger at Fairewinds Energy Education. 

Steve McIntyre

Consultant/Web Design

Steve McIntyre is the owner of Champlain Marketing. He's also the web developer, graphic artist, CEO, CFO, COO and janitor.  Originally from Michigan, Steve has been living in Burlington, VT since 1999. When he's not making websites, analyzing sites via Google Analytics, or planning social media activity, Steve is hanging out with his wife Erin and their nearly one-year-old son, Bill.  He has currently enrolled Bill in the Champlain Marketing Junior Executive Training Program. When the weather is nice, Steve likes to get to the batting cages as often as possible, including his traditional Birthday Batting Cage visit. And, Steve tends to get more work done when the weather outside is not nice. Take a look at Fairewinds’ new website and you will get a taste of Steve’s skill as a web designer and graphic artist. 

Toby Aronson

Consultant/Web Management

Toby is a Renaissance man living in the modern world. As the owner of the small, internationally successful record label NNA Tapes, Toby cultivates a menu of handpicked talented, modern musicians and composers. A musician himself, Toby has toured nationally and all over Europe, he currently performs around Burlington serenading the public with professional finesse on his classical guitar.  Toby uses his insight as a web management consultant for Fairewinds. 

Dr. Leslie Kanat

Science Advisor

Dr. Leslie Kanat has been a professor of geology at Johnson State College for 23 years. In addition to being on the Fairewinds board, Les is also on the board of the Vermont Geological Society, and is a member of the Vermont State Nuclear Advisory Panel. As an environmental educator, Les is passionate about Fairewinds mission. In a recent Energy Education Podcast, Les and Arnie discuss the impacts of geology on nuclear plants– listen here!

Tom Clements

SRS Watch

Tom Clements is based in Columbia, South Carolina and is the director of Savannah River Site Watch that started in 2014 as a project of Fairewinds Energy Education and is now independent. Tom was born in Savannah, Georgia and attended Emory University and the University of Georgia, where he obtained a Masters in Forest Resources. He has worked for the U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Office of Surface Mining and for the past 25 years has worked on nuclear issues for Greenpeace International, the Nuclear Control Institute, the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability, Friends of the Earth, the South Carolina Chapter of the Sierra Club, and since January 2014 as the director of Savannah River Site Watch. Tom’s main focus is the U.S. Department of Energy’s Savannah River Site, located in South Carolina, but he also monitors developments with the AP1000 reactor construction in South Carolina and Georgia, as well as small modular reactors, reprocessing spent fuel storage and general nuclear issues in the southeast.