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Written by Sue Prent & Ben Shulman-Reed, Edited by Maggie Gundersen
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Celebrating Investigative Journalism

Written by Sue Prent

We at Fairewinds Energy Education want to give a shout-out to six University of Vermont journalism students in Community Development and Applied Economics: Clare Charlesworth, Audrey Tuck, Bridgette McShea, Olivia Jones, Emily von Weise and Kätchen McElwain. Their work has been selected for inclusion in an anthology of the best undergraduate investigative journalism. Congratulations!
This distinction is awarded by Project Censored (PC) to what PC judges to be the twenty-five best stories each year, which are gathered in an annual print compilation. The Project has been described by celebrated activist Noam Chomsky as “a crucial contribution to the hope for a more just and democratic society.”

Project Censored Radio host Mickey Huff interviewed filmmaker Robbie Leppzer and Arnie and Maggie Gundersen of Fairewinds on November 17, 2017; The Podcast of the radio show is now on its website!

The topic of the discussion was Robbie’s new film Power Struggle, which focuses on the politics around the shutdown of the Vermont Yankee Atomic Reactor, a drama of activism in which Arnie and Maggie were two of many protagonists.

If you have been following any of Fairewinds recent Newsletters you have probably heard about the pointed documentary film Power Struggle by award-winning filmmaker Robbie Leppzer. Fairewinds’ Maggie and Arnie Gundersen were two of many protagonists featured in the documentary film focusing on the lengthy political dispute about the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant site in Vernon, Vermont.

Since its Local Premiere this fall at the Vermont International Film Festival (VTIFF), and world premiere at the Provincetown International Film Festival (PIFF) in Provincetown, MA in June of 2017, the Power Struggle film has begun its 2018 grassroots film tour with the goal to reach communities around the US that are dealing with aging nuke plants and facing the complexities of decommissioning.

Most recently the film had screenings in Brattleboro, VT and Northampton, MA near the now closed Vermont Yankee atomic reactor, and in Plymouth and Chatham, MA near the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant slated to close in 2019 after earning notoriety for its ever-growing list of faults and safety concerns.
This film represents democracy in action as it focuses on the impacts of community involvement. 
Now, we are asking for your help to get the recognition this film deserves! How can you help?

First - See if there is a showing near you and bring your friends to show your support for the power of people and democracy in action!

Next - Bring the film to your community! If you know that a nuclear power plant is planning to shut down nearby your city or town, please reach out! We can help you get in touch to local groups or film festivals that may be able to sponsor a screening of the film.

Finally - Support the grassroots tour! Please consider making a contribution that will directly support bringing this influential film to audiences it may benefit.

Written by Ben Shulman-Reed
Stay tuned – we will keep you informed!

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~Maggie, Arnie, Ben, Sue & Grayson

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