Sorry we've been quiet in recent weeks; we have both been working on different exciting projects. Realizing how busy we are, we are taking a sabbatical while Arnie conducts his research and Maggie works on a writing project. At the same time we are also moving to a new home, which we are very excited about. 

We will take some much needed vacation time at the end of June, and will re-open part-time on Monday, July 9th. During the summer Maggie will continue her writing project and Arnie and several colleagues will be working on another scientific journal article. 

In September we'll be available full time, and you will also see some changes to the website.

Stay tuned! Fairewinds will keep you informed.

Paying The Price For Blowing The Whistle

Paying The Price For Blowing The Whistle

By Julie Miller, New York Times For three years, Arnold Gundersen was awakened by harassing phone calls in the middle of the night. He became so concerned about his family's safety that he bought a large dog for protection. The problem? He was a whistle-blower, one of those who take on the dismally unpopular role of exposing what they find to be unsafe or unlawful practices in the workplace, especially the nuclear workplace.

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