Al Stahler and Arnie Gundersen Discuss San Onofre Steam Generator Failures


About This Interview

Al Stahler hosts Arnie Gundersen on his KVMR-FM, Nevada City, CA radio show Soundings for a technical review of the San Onofre Steam Generator Failures.

Why are the recently installed and newly designed steam generators at Southern California Edison’s San Onofre nuclear power plant failing? What impact did design engineering changes made to the steam generators have upon the widespread tube failures? Why are the same failures happening at Units 2 and 3? Al questions why the old generators at San Onofre lasted for 28-years of operation while the newly installed generators are failing in less than 2-years. Arnie details the significant design and fabrication changes made to the new steam generators rather than the like-for-like replacement Edison claimed. Arnie concludes that steam generators failed due to the interior alterations designed and fabricated in the new generators.