Arnie Gundersen Discusses Radiation and Risks to those in Japan and the United States

About This Interview:

KPFK's segment: Sojourner Truth with Margaret Prescod: Gundersen discusses the findings of plutonium in the fields around Fukushima Daiichi. He says that residents of the 30km evacuation zone probably will not be able to return home for at least a generation. Gundersen discusses what a meltdown is and compares the severity of Fukushima to that of Three Mile Island. Highly radioactive water from the accident site has also been found to be leaking into the Pacific Ocean. Gundersen explains that the water is radioactive enough be be lethal to those nearby in less than four hours. When asked how the US will feel the effects of Fukushima, Gundersen says to keep an eye on radiation levels in milk.