California Tour 2015

California or Bust!

Fairewinds President and Founder Maggie Gundersen and her husband Arnie, Chief Engineer of Fairewinds Energy Education, are in California! Maggie and Arnie will be speaking and presenting to various organizations and groups at colleges and venues up and down the coast for the next few weeks. The topic of conversation will focus on Fukushima Daiichi and technical issues plaguing the nuclear industry, decommissioning of nuclear power plants in the U.S., and our energy future. Don't miss your chance to hear these two speak truth to power!

 **See below for the details on where and when Maggie and Arnie will be speaking**

What? Arnie Gundersen in conversation with Majia Nadesan, "World in Danger: Fukushima"
When? Wednesday, November 18 at 7pm
Where? Sonoma State University, Student Union Building

What? Arnie Gundersen in conversation with Mary Beth Brangan, "World in Danger: The Fukushima - California Connection" 
When? Saturday, November 21 from 7pm-9pm
Where? Dance Palace (Church Space) 5th & B Streets, Point Reyes Station

What? Arnie Gundersen in conversation with Joanna Macy, "World in Danger: From Fukushima to California"
When? Sunday, November 22 at 7pm
Where? University of California at Berkeley, Historic Berkeley Fellowship Hall

What? A lecture by Arnie Gundersen, "Expect the Unexpected: Nuclear Power's Unlearned Lessons"
When? Tuesday, December 1 from 4:10pm-5pm
Where? Cal Poly, Forbes Building

What? Dinner and conversation with Arnie Gundersen, "Ready for the Big One? Diablo Canyon Earthquake Vulnerability"
When? Wednesday, December 2 from 6pm-9pm
Where? Cafe Roma Banquet Room, San Luis Obispo