Decommissioning Vermont Yankee Stage 2 Decommissioning Fund Analysis

Whether it is maple syrup, cheese and rich cream, or organic vegetables,fruit, poultry or meat, in our opinion, “Made in Vermont” does not include holding onto corporate nuclear waste for 100 years.

Fairewinds Associates follows up on its 2007 Report. The analysis concludes that the SAFSTOR is not an appropriate decommissioning choice for Vermont Yankee. In our opinion, the choice of SAFSTOR is being driven solely by the financial gap in the Decommissioning Fund and could have been remedied by Entergy contributing to the Fund since acquiring the plant.

Decommissioning Vermont Yankee: Stage 2 Analysis of the Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Fund The Decommissioning Fund Gap, November 30, 2007, Fairewinds Associates