EMPs: “Stun Guns in Space” = No Grid, No Nuclear Reactor Controls – with Arnie Gundersen & Robert Manning

Imagine a stun gun powerful enough to immobilize the US. Listen to Nuclear Hotseat host, Libbe HaLevy, and Arnie Gundersen discuss the effects of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) from a nuclear weapon in space. EMPs are becoming the new face of global war. It can happen here. Also hear Fairewinds Board Chair, Robert Manning, talk about the importance of detente for world peace.

Back in September 2014, Fairewinds did two videos with MIT engineer and author, Matt Stein, about the effect of EMPs on the electric grid and on atomic power reactors. The first video concerns the effects of solar storms and the second video reveals the ramifications of a nuclear weapon detonation in space.