Global Warming Stops Nukes

More proof that nukes don’t stop global warming, but global warming stops nukes.

Two Turkey Point reactors owned by Florida Power & Light are cooled by water from 168 miles of canals. Due to global warming, and exacerbated by discharge from the reactors, the canals are now overheated, and one degree from the maximum temperature allowed by the NRC.  Arnie Gundersen was interviewed by Miami News Radio, which has a news brief.

The reactor could shut down or reduce power, but demand for air conditioning is high. Rather than shutting down, FPL wants to draw 30 million gallons of water a day from an underground aquifer.

In 2011, Arnie talked about another challenge facing Turkey Point due to global warning: sea level rise. Some of Miami is expected be under water before Turkey Point's licenses expire. ""If tidal waves knock out the water pumps" — as they did at the Fukushima reactor in Japan earlier this year — "you can have a meltdown."

The Miami Herald covers the current story in more depth. The 2011 story is posted here.