Adding up the Costs of Atomic Power

Claims that atomic power reactors are the solution to global warming are simply attempted rebranding efforts by the nuclear power industry to make people believe nuclear power is a "clean" way of generating electricity. Listen to CCTV host Margaret Harrington of Nuclear Free Future interview Fairewinds Chief Engineer Arnie Gundersen and Research Assistant Grayson Webb about how the atomic power industry is trying to sell the world its false narrative that it helps reduce Global CO2. In this interview, Arnie and Grayson discuss Fairewinds 18-month research endeavor that found using atomic reactors would reduce CO2 emissions only 6% by the year 2050 and cost more than $8.2 Trillion! Renewable and sustainable energy sources are much cheaper and will also boost the US economy as it creates real jobs in America.

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The Passing of an American Hero: 

By Arnie Gundersen

With the passing of the noted astronaut and Senator John Glenn, I am reminded of the active support Senator Glenn gave to me when I first became a nuclear whistleblower. In 1993, when Senator Glenn held Congressional hearings about why the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) deliberately distorted the allegations of nuclear whistleblowers, he had me testify. The NRC had ruined my professional reputation, and were it not for Senator Glenn’s intervention on my behalf, the NRC never would have acknowledged their bungled inspection and cozy relationship with the atomic power industry. I will discuss my remembrance of this great American hero in detail in Fairewinds next newsletter, but today, I want to share with you a small portion of the Whistleblower hearing Senator Glenn conducted from the Congressional transcript:

Committee Chairman Senator John Glenn: "... what is the NRC doing to assure that Commission employees don't engage in potential conflict of interest practices?" 

NRC Chairman Selin: "... it is true. Everything Mr. Gundersen said was absolutely right; he performed quite a service. ... We are sharpening our regulations, but in this case there is no question that the actions happened as described by the IG, people knew or should have known that they should not have done these actions… But that is a very worrisome situation- both of fraternization with the licensees and then the well-meaning but very dangerous practice of recommending people to licensees to help them solve problems."

You can read the entire transcript here