Will Trump Dump Nukes?

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Confused about what the election means for the future of America’s energy systems? Maggie and Arnie Gundersen were recently featured on Project Censored Radio with Hosts Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips to discuss exactly that. Listen as Maggie and Arnie examine the future of nuclear power reactors from a business perspective and show that new nukes just don’t make economic sense. Mickey queries Maggie and Arnie about their take on Donald Trump’s foreign policy stance regarding nuclear armament of Japan and other U.S. allies, the possibility of atomic warfare, and the spread of nuclear radiation around the globe. Radiation knows no borders.

Smokescreen Animation
Watch Fairewinds 2-minute animated video entitled Smokescreenbased on scientific research that shows that building new nuclear power plants actually makes global warming worse! Not only that, but using atomic power reactors to solve our energy crisis will cost more than 8-Trillion-dollars [$8,000,000,000,000]. Yes, you read that right - $8 Trillion! Our country can’t afford that – we need affordable energy that brings jobs – and that will be building solar and wind energy right here in the US – not sending jobs overseas.

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Energy News

New York Times:

It appears that Google's New Year's resolution is to run entirely on renewable energies in 2017. Last year Google used as much electricity as the city of San Francisco or the equivalent output of two 500 megawatt coal plants, so now it is attempting to change its habits and plans to have all its data centers around the world operate by using only Renewable sources.

"For one company to be doing this is a very big deal. It means other companies of a similar scale will feel pressure to move,” noted Stanford University lecturer Jonathon Koomey.

“It’s good for the economy, good for business and good for our shareholders,” Google's senior vice president of technical infrastructure Joe Kava emphasized. Adding, “We are the largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy in the world.” 


Japan Times:

Whoops! During routine maintenance on the Unit 3 reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi atomic power plant, an employee is believed to accidentally have bumped a switch with his elbow causing cooling water injections to go offline for more than an hour before a secondary pump came online. The whole incident caused the atomic reactor to be shutdown for 6 and 1/2 hours while workers confirmed there were no other serious issues with the reactor.